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Undertale/Reapertale Short
Gaster watch the humans on earth go about their day. Every hour, minutes and seconds, another human and monster passes. But it was more for him just for now to see how far humans can go just to live. One human he had his eye for a little while or how they seem to come back to life or how they seem to know how they would die? His sons have come across this human ever time when they were out but how could a human child, a child escape their grasps.
What was it about this one? Gaster called for his eldest son; Sans to talk about this human.
“You asked for me?” Sans ask looking bored as Gaster gave him a look. He let held his breath a little till he ask him about this child. “I don’t know, they seem to be a fighter or something?”
Gaster wanted to see what made this child wanted to live? He didn’t want to mess with one human life, but a child none a less. Whatever this child had or reason to defend gods of death, it was  something to look into.
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 4 4
Villainous: Black Hat by kakashisgirlfighter Villainous: Black Hat :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 23 0 Little Nightmares: Six by kakashisgirlfighter Little Nightmares: Six :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 7 2 Undertale: Follow me my friend by kakashisgirlfighter Undertale: Follow me my friend :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 6 10
Undertale: Handplates and Dogtags Ch.6
The brothers woke up to see the sisters in a corner.  Adora’s arm was all wrapped up as Adin hugged her. Whatever Gaster did to her, it seem to have scared her.
“I won’t let him hurt you…I don’t know what he’ll do to us, but i’m not going to let him hurt you.” Sans sat there as felt the pain in his eye, it was more of the endless pain he had to endure everyday.
The worst of all when he broke his eye. He and Papyrus were able to glow their eyes, it was their way of comforting each other, but sometime the color would change if they were in a panic.
Gaster was still studying that, but one of his experiments he broke Sans’ eye in the process, when he tried to fix him, he nearly died, if it wasn’t for his brother, he wouldn’t  have come back.
Sans walk over to them as he notice Adora’s arm. “He does this to us to..but whatever he is doing to you?..” Before Sans could say anything else he notice the
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 8 10
You were there for me growing up.
Now you’re not anymore.
We struggle together
And now I am alone
What upset me is that you change
You say hurtful things
You are in pain and sick for days
You’re locked up in a room
You hide from the world
You are different from memories
You changed and left me alone
I stay the same
Hoping nothings will break us
You talk about things when I know they’re foolish
I feel I can’t look at you anymore
I feel my voice is gone
I can’t say my word
I can’t let out what’s on my mind
I feel the world I lived is crushing down
The things we did are gone
Everything is gone
My world is nothing but empty
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 4 18
Undertale: Handplates and Dogtags Ch.5
Adora and Adin were taken to another room but this time separated. Gaster wanted to see if they could use their souls to sense the other like the brothers would. Humans and monsters were so different he wanted to see if there were similarities like the brothers. It also give him some understanding of human's’ soul. The girls sat or walk around the rooms they were in. This last for an hour and half at the most.
 It seem the older one was trying to stay calm as she look around the room to see if there was something she could use to communicate with her sister. There was a vent on the ceiling, it wasn’t the greatest idea, but it would have worked if she could reach it.
Adin on the other hand lay on the floor humming to herself. She was mostly waiting, did she realize she wasn’t in any danger or was she just waiting around for something to happen.
Gaster was more annoyed or just surprised how this little girl was even stupider than subject 2 was. He wonder if she kne
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 12 6
GZtales: Up Coming Parents ch.3
Adin was now twelve weeks pregnant now as there was more of bump now, Papyrus was making sure Adin was alright and in good health. He made sure she rested when she was tired and made sure her morning sickness wasn’t as horrible like any other sickness.
Oddly enough, he did some research on human’ pregnancy and studying more on monster’s too. It was almost like those nights when he was up doing paper work and Adin would in his office cleaning giving him a cup of coffee or something. Papyrus only look on the positive out look on those. But it was hard to see himself hurting her again.
Adin woke up a little noticing him awake since it was 4 in the morning. She place a hand  against his ribcage letting him now she was alright. He held it while holding a book trying to read. They also had another appointment next week, it was mostly to see if if they baby was going to be a monster or human.
If it was human, would it look like him or if monster would it look like Adin?
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 9 14
GZtales: Up Coming Parents ch.2
Adin spent most of her time asleep in bed or having morning sickness. Papyrus took care of her making sure she was alright and the baby was fine. A lot of the time he was rubbing her back. She was only five weeks in her pregnancy.
“Papyrus…it’s alright.” She said as she was dozing mostly.  He smiled at her till he  heard their doorbell. He wondered if that was Sans just making sure he was alright and needed help or something. He let Adin sleep for a bit as he went to the door, He open it to find Alphys and Undyne there at his doorstep.
“Do you two need something?” He ask getting a feeling there was a reason Alphys was here. He still felt bad about asking Alphys to do those tests on Adin.  In Alphys’ case she had no choice at the time since she was the royal scientist at the time.  “Well I…I-I thought you two might want to go to my  place since I have lab up here and well..”
He could see it on her face.
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 10 10
GZtales: Up Coming Parents ch.1
Toriel decided to take the girls shopping, the surface had so much stores than the underground did. Alphys and Undyne were glad to join, it was nice for them to be together like this, Frisk tagged along to explain some of the stores to them.
Adin on the other hand was forced to come along. It wasn’t because they were worried about her and Papyrus’ relationship and their past. It was because Adin was inside a lot lately.
The fact was she was moving in with him and they were getting things set up in their home. She was happy but Toriel and the others were a little worry because of how much pain he caused her. But she was safe and she was in love, he wasn’t the skeleton down in the underground. He cared for her and that all that matter.
But there was a different Adin was inside all the time, she happen to be sick.  She seem to have a bug or something. She had some some of stomach bug, but it wasn’t like flu she thought it was some kind of bug she gotten and it
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 10 17
GZtale: Up Coming Parents by kakashisgirlfighter GZtale: Up Coming Parents :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 12 17 Bendy by kakashisgirlfighter Bendy :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 12 0 The Enchanted Rose by kakashisgirlfighter The Enchanted Rose :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 11 8 UnderSwap Adin by kakashisgirlfighter UnderSwap Adin :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 16 7
Undertale: Handplates and Dogtags Ch.4
Gaster took Adora as he set up a board game of some sort. It seemed like chess or something as he set up the pieces for them. “A game or this homework?” She ask as Gaster just gave an annoyed look at her. She didn’t know how to play but she did have an idea what the game was to her. She moved a piece as Gaster did the same thing. She didn’t understand what was the point of this?
She didn’t like the fact he did something to them.  But she had feeling it was something else to this, there no use asking questions about it either. “So, what’s the point of this?” She finally ask looking bored as Gaster was taking some notes down.  “I have question for you.” He said as he set his pen down as he made another move in their game. “What would happen to your sister if you were killed?” He ask
Adora just looked at him confused. What was he trying to get at? “I’m going to watch over her..” Gaster neve
:iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 8 9
Papyrus' Human Servant doodles 3 by kakashisgirlfighter Papyrus' Human Servant doodles 3 :iconkakashisgirlfighter:kakashisgirlfighter 9 11
Take A Look If Want To Lose Your Mind :la:


Caught in the Middle by Kila-Knight Caught in the Middle :iconkila-knight:Kila-Knight 3 9 it hurts by zephy0 it hurts :iconzephy0:zephy0 756 13 GZTale Papyrus by KayaThatOnePapaya GZTale Papyrus :iconkayathatonepapaya:KayaThatOnePapaya 3 3 Cross!Papyrus Fanart (x-tale) by Luliq Cross!Papyrus Fanart (x-tale) :iconluliq:Luliq 11 2 Fabulous Mettaton and Papyrus by WhippedCreamCloud Fabulous Mettaton and Papyrus :iconwhippedcreamcloud:WhippedCreamCloud 22 4 Space wolf by AlviaAlcedo Space wolf :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 3,156 116 Sketchy4 by WASD-Paint Sketchy4 :iconwasd-paint:WASD-Paint 8 2 UT: Taste of blood by Echoheartx UT: Taste of blood :iconechoheartx:Echoheartx 127 18 Flowey Being a Life Coach by AlyssaWiggen Flowey Being a Life Coach :iconalyssawiggen:AlyssaWiggen 12 0 Cooking with skeletons by PandorasBox341 Cooking with skeletons :iconpandorasbox341:PandorasBox341 80 4 [Kaa in Snowdin]Page 19 by BillCiphersPuppet [Kaa in Snowdin]Page 19 :iconbillcipherspuppet:BillCiphersPuppet 8 6 Press Play? by EllasticKitten13 Press Play? :iconellastickitten13:EllasticKitten13 6 0 Shiro by Pink-cigarets Shiro :iconpink-cigarets:Pink-cigarets 198 12 Commission by Pink-cigarets Commission :iconpink-cigarets:Pink-cigarets 153 10 Samantha by DarkGoth100 Samantha :icondarkgoth100:DarkGoth100 2 1
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Is it bad of me that I'm not into the solar eclipse??
227 deviations
letting you guys know that i'm still working on writing

Adin look at her dog tag, she wonder why she and her sister weren’t allowed to take them off? Were they for telling them apart? Adora and her would be mistaken for twins sisters a lot, when Adora was a few years older than her. Papyrus came over when their siblings were being tested. “Can you take it off?” He asked looking at the dogtag around her neck. Adin pull on it a little scared to take it off. She look at his handplate, she took it into her hands as she look at it. The pain he and his brother went through. “Did it hurt?” She ask him as Papyrus pull his hand back. His expression changed look at the floor. “I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to..” Papyrus hug her not sure what the dogtags did to them.

Adin just hug him, it seem to be a thing between them since they’re friends. “Is this what friends do?” Papyrus ask still hugging her. “We’re not siblings, but i like doing it.” He said as Adin smiled. “Yeah, friends can hug each other to comfort each other.” she told him, Papyrus like the idea. A friend seem what he needed, even if his brother was his best friend, but this was different for him.  “I like it friend!~” He hugged her more as she hug him back giggling as they gotten close in ust a short time.

Adora and Sans were given a worksheet from Gaster, it was filled with mathical problems that Adora hadn’t learn with some hypophysis questions on it. Sans work on it but didn’t care much for it. She try to figure out some of these math problems, she notice how Sans were able to answer them,  Gaster took note of this seeing how she had no idea how to solve them, she attempted to answer them. “You know, if you want to see how smart she is, maybe you should start her out with basic.” Sans snap at Gaster. Adora look at Sans  till looking at Gaster pulling on her dogtag. “She may look it now, but remember this, humans are a lot smarter than they appear.” He pull the tag’s chain around her neck almost choking her, Sans notice he was waiting for her to fight him.

He seem more harsh to them more to him and his brother. Sans seem to send a bone attack at him without thinking. Gaster simply block it and let go of Adora as she regain some air. “If you protect them now, then you and your brother are most likely dusted.” Adora back away hiding behind Sans almost like his brother would have or the other way around. What was it about humans that Gaster hated? Gaster told them he was going to leave them for a bit as he wanted to check on their siblings. “What did I do?” She ask Sans as if she was going to cry. She seem to be hold back her tears. Sans has asked that same question over and over again. He wonder why they were created in the first place? What was the point of all this? “You did nothing…” He said working on the test. “Believe me...I think it’s all on him.” He told her.



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Llywellyn "Lulu"
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
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I'm working trying to getting the movies, anywhere in that area. I love anime and manga. My favorite anime is Naruto.

If you need to know a thing or two about movies, I can tell you what ever you need to know. I like to draw in the anime and manga style. But I love to draw stuff for Shane Acker's 9 a lot.

Idols, oh yes Tim Burton is my idol. And some manga artist in Japan as well. I want to do is bring animated films back.

I'm a nice person but I do have my moments. Music is one of things like let my mind and hand flow. I do base some of my drawing on music.

I also write, anything that I'm feeling or working on a story. I take it as something. But some how I wanna be a manga artist now. I don't know why?

This is all the info you get for now.
Hello everyone, I want to account the winners of my contest.

The prizes were these..

1st Place Prizw; Undertale Fanfic of your favorite AU; give me a prompt and I will write it

2nd Place: Undertale Pairing; CannonXCannon or CannonXOC

3rd Place: An UNdertale short story of your favorite character 

And here are the winners!~

First Place Winner is....*drum roll*

Soul Shatter by YumiTsuzuki-Chan "Soul Shatter" by YumiTsuzuki-Chan

Second Place Winner is....

UNCLE'S SLIPPERS by 2ShadowHole"Uncle's Slippers" By 2ShadowHole 

And Third Place Winner is...

GZtale Papyrus' Human Servent Chpt 23. by ProfessorCuddles101 "GZtale Papyrus' Human Servant chap.23" by ProfessorCuddles101

I loved all the entries that came in, to me everyone is a winner. I'm so glad all of you have fun and I hope to hold another contest again. 
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